Coupon Distribution

Coupon Distribution


One-time fee

Give Your Sales A Boost With Coupon Distribution!

Coupon Distribution is one of the most successful and affordable way of marketing. Traditionally shoppers love to shop at the stores for which they have free discount coupons. There are many reasons why Coupon Distribution is so popular.

  • It can be distributed online to 1000s of potential customers through various coupon sites.
  • Coupons are distributed for online and offline sales.
  • It helps in maintaining relationship with long term customers.
  • Coupon is a way to show competitive prices to customers.
  • Those who are thinking of buying a product, jump onto sales when they receive special discount coupon.
Sample Report

Coupon Distribution Service

  • ID
  • Price
  • Design Banner
  • Submissions to number of coupon sites
  • Total submissions per month
  • Repetition submissions per month
  • Basic Package
  • $20 only!
  • 1
  • 10
  • 40
  • 4

Is coupon distribution is a good strategy to adopt?

Yes because it helps improve your reach. This means that you are not only noticed by your audience but other people as well.

Is there only one package or other packages are there too?

Yes currently we have only basic package but we will soon be introducing our advanced packages. Moreover you can have changes in the basic package.

What are the sites on which submissions are done?

You can find the list of sites in the LIST tab. Whole list of sites are mentioned there.

How long will it take to distribute the coupons?

The package is about 1 month which means 40 submissions.

Will I get the report for the distributions?

The report will contain all the confirmation links with the url of the sites on which the coupons are submitted.

Coupons help attracting the customers to your website. Good offers will definitely benefit the customer as well the company. Another benefit of coupon distribution is that it helps in the buying evaluation process of the customer while he/ she is comparing your products with that of the competitors.

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