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Search Engine Optimization is a process to add value to the website by optimizing content, metas, images, sitemap, etc which enables website to get accurately index into major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO also helps in getting right traffic to the website which generates higher sales conversion and filter out unwanted traffic to the website by indexing accurate content into the search engines. Not to forget that Google alone generates 68% of internet traffic and so SEO is essential to stay competitive in Digital Marketplace.

  • SEO services offered by Ebizsubmit are totally accountable.
  • Team of senior SEO Experts work on SEO projects.
  • Every step is scientifically calculated to generate good results.
  • ROI (Return on investment) is calculated through Google Analytics for long term contracts.
  • Regular R & D is done to find most effective and economical way to promote products.
  • Multi-Dimensional Reports through Google Intelligence Report are generated for micro-monitoring.


Onsite SEO packages

  • Setup fee
  • Number of pages
  • Optimize meta title, keyword and description of website
  • keyword consultation/keyword generator tools
  • Internal link building
  • Addition of 2 landing pages optimized for search engine
  • Rename images and alt tag with optimized keyword
  • Add sitemap & submit xml to Google and bing for better indexing
  • $249 only!
  • Upto 40 pages

Do I need SEO services?

Yes! As it helps in gaining better ranking on search engines, it generates more traffic to your site, hence paving way for more revenue generation.

What is the best way to optimize site?

SEO is involved in optimizing of the search through high number of procedures; this can be achieved through SEO and Online Marketing.

What is an organic SEO and Paid result?

When a browser is searching it provides with both paid and organic result, yet everyone wants there site to be on the first page as it has good standing between browsers.

Can Backlinks affect site ranking?

Rankings are improved through backlinks as these are vote generators for your site.

How many backlinks are needed?

There is no limit to it; however you would best want to have backlinks from relevant sites.

What is the purpose of Google analytics?

It used to analyze the behavior of your site. Analytic tools gives the statistics that how many time a particular page has been viewed, the duration of each page that is viewed, how many have viewed your page. This tool helps to boost the sites ability to attract browsing.

SEO is generally the most commonly preferred search engine tool used to analyze and monitor the entire web site and the web page for better indexing with the help of various other search engines.

All of this helps to make a web page more attractive, relevant and easily readable by other software indexing and crawlers and also to generate traffic by being top on the search engines list.

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