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One-time fee

With ebiz submit, your business can benefit from social bookmarking with special place in list of references people use.

Social Bookmarking has become one of the important marketing techniques, whereby, user bookmark their favourite site and enable it for other too see it. For example John bought a shirt from and he got big discount, he bookmarks it, which could be searchable by others.

We submit your site to various bookmark according to prescribe standard, in some instance we also set a landing page which could bring better results to your site.

Our services are different as we create a unique account just for you which can be used to add more sites to that account. Secondly, we submit to all bookmarking sites including google and delicious which is not possible through software as we don't use any software for bookmarking submission.

We have compile a list of 125 best social bookmarking sites where we submit your site on weekly basis. We accept multiple sites and multiple keywords on purchase of 1000+ bookmarking.


Social Bookmarking

  • Bookmark Submission
  • Submit to Sites

  • Prices - One Time
  • Package A
  • 125
  • Submit each bookmark to 125 social bookmark submission sites
  • $49 only!
  • Package B
  • 500
  • Submit each bookmark to 500 social bookmark submission sites
  • $150 only!
  • Package C
  • 1000
  • Submit each bookmark to 1000 social bookmark submission sites
  • $260 only!
  • Package D
  • 5000
  • Submit each bookmark to 5000 social bookmark submission sites
  • $1300 only!

If I want to have manual submissions so will you guys provide manual submissions?

Definitely we do manual links on the best selected sites. The sites are selected by our qualified team after a lot of scrutiny.

What is the method to know if the bookmarking is done on the right site?

All the selected sites are first reviewed by our qualified team members and the list is available on the list tab so you can see the list and then contact us for your order.

Do I get a report in the end?

Yes you will get a report for sure with the links confirmed. You can cross check the report too to get the maximum level of satisfaction from our work.

What is the procedure for ordering online?

It's very simple you just need to see the right hand side of the package and press ADD TO CART and you can then you can choose the payment type.

How would my bookmarking become popular among people?

You can know the popularity by the number of users who have bookmarked it and each bookmark will show you a number of how many people have saved it, shared it or voted for it. If the number is high then it indicates that your web-page has become popular.

The concept of bookmarks originated in April 1996 with the launch of itList, the features of which included public and private bookmarks. In bookmarking descriptions can also be added in the form of meta tags. Social bookmarking is used as a means of sharing information among the members. It also helps in improving the search results on the web.

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