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WordPress designed websites are replacing HTML based websites due to the more advanced features.

WordPress designed websites are replacing HTML based websites due to the more advanced features offered by WordPress and its simplicity. Website designing at ebizsubmit by using WordPress is as simple as 123. We offer services to setup your business website with stunning graphics to keep your website talking with social component and various web applications.

Our final product comes with fully onsite optimized website, linked with Google Analytics and Webmastertools to keep eye on keyword positioning. If you already have a HTML website, we also provide services to convert it into a WordPress based website.

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What is the difference between a WordPress designed website and a template designed website?

Although template designed websites by ebizsubmit are far superior in quality than those designed by other services, WordPress designed websites still have an edge over template designs. We design fully customized WordPress format websites that is specifically designed to be both visually attractive and SEO friendly.

Why are WordPress websites considered to be more SEO friendly than other types of design formats?

WordPress website designs are extremely simple and come with tons of highly useful features that set them apart from other design formats. Moreover, WordPress continues to advance its system of content management as well as its usability, which is another reason behind it being more SEO friendly.

Can we store what we have created?

Of course you can store what you have created just with a click on the store button.

How can I drive traffic to my website?

The designing of the website is done in a manner that it will attract the attention of the audience. Different features are being provided in each of the package.

How many revisions can be asked for?

ou can ask for as many as four revisions.

If you are looking for a website that truly stands out of the crowd then our WordPress website design package is just for you. You will not only receive a highly professional website but also be able to manage it by yourself later on.

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