Search Engine Optimization (SEO) started back in mid-1990s when the internet started penetrating among general public. What a website needed then was to be registered with search engine. Search engines would then send crawler to extract links from the website and index them on their servers. Also, they would file all the elements from the website, which included images and text. Earlier versions of search engine were easier to manipulate using keywords density and other similar techniques. However, search engines grew stronger and included more factors for indexing and ranking.

Google, the leading search engine, was found in 1998 and came up with PageRank, an algorithm that calculates quantity and strength of inbound links. Also, with a simple design and quick results, Google gained popularity among internet users. However, with passage of time, search engines started evolving and included many other factors in their algorithm to rank websites on their results page. Google went a step further and offered personalized results for searches. Real time searches were introduced by Google in 2010 and the search engine started penalizing websites for copied content and lack of uniqueness in 2011. Earlier this year, Google has put rules in place to discourage manipulation to improve search rankings.

With search engines so advanced and improving every day, they make ranking on search results competitive. Websites have to fine tune their site structure to ensure they rank higher among all the results for relevant keyword search by a target customer. This is where SEO services come in. Not only do SEO services make tweaks on-site, but also make efforts off-site to ensure the website is ranked higher in search engines. This includes optimization of text, images and files on the website, and creating valid links to the website off-site.

Also, quality of the website in terms of the content and services it provides to the visitor are of great importance. It is only when the website gets the quality traffic, does the search engine realize the website is relevant to the keywords searched and will rank it higher. With more than 200 factors effecting how the search engine results are calculated, it is really important for companies to get SEO services for their websites.

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