You must have heard about social media making waves among marketers due its power to converse with a brand's target audience. And the features it has to engage them in a unique experience. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a fast developing tool being used by the companies to promote themselves and register in the mind of consumers. However, SMM is not as easy as it sounds. It requires an experienced team to not only manage but also monitor social media.

Managing social media for a company or brand requires careful selection of content to be shared with audience. Strong and attention grabbing content can make rounds on internet and gain popularity amongst internet users, promoting the brand. However, inappropriate or wrong posts can lead to spread of negative word of mouth, which can damage the brand. Also, interacting with consumers every other day or two is important as the brand will lose importance and relevancy if the user doesn't engage occasionally.

Monitoring is also a vital part of SMM to know if the efforts are going in the right direction, and if there are positive results for the company. SMM includes tracking of social media metrics such as number of 'likes' on a Facebook page, channel 'views' on YouTube, 'followers' on Twitter and similar others on different networks. These metrics are an indicator of the response a company is receiving from the target audience, and if measures need to be taken to turn it around.

SMM activities include use of applications, which are delicately written in computer language, hosted on a server and extracted to social media page. Also, content such as photos and videos make up good source of information for target audience. Furthermore, SMM also offers advertisements that run on social networking websites, which can enhance exposure for the company. These advertisements can be effective since they are targeted to specific demographics. Hence, more chances of target audience converting into sales for the company.

It is due to these reasons that SMM should be handled by an experienced team/agency that has through knowledge of social media, and up to date regarding latest developments in this area. SMM team should also be able to deliver results that are not only measurable but are also a source of ROI.

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