Our Pledge

We pledge to deliver highest quality of services in SEO industry. We ensure each of our SEO effort is undertaken with due care so that, it brings high impact to the website. This is done by following methodology.

Channel Identification.

There are several channels to promote products and services. We only select those advertising channels that bring high impact to the website. Once we select the channels, we ensure they are local and have served traffic to the niche industry.

High Quality Sites

Once we have selected the channels for example video marketing, we ensure to get only the best sites in video marketing and filter out low impact sites. But we do cover such sites too when a customer selects a bigger package or long term services.

Listing Standard.

Only complete web listing brings quality results. We ensure each entry is complete in nature and have all details that are required by the channel. Besides complete entry, we also optimize entries so that, they get highest visibility and this is done by adhering to the channel policies and making attractive entries.


We advice our customers to setup a separate landing page for the campaign done by us so that they can watch the analytics and conversion received through our efforts.

Retain ship

Once it is identified which advertisement channel is giving highly volume of traffic and conversion, we advice customers to continue the SEO efforts so that maximum traffic and conversion is achieved.


All our services bring impact in short/long run. Some of the immediate impact can be seen are:

  • The entries are visible in channel websites in 3-7 days of submissions (free confirmation report is sent)
  • Link back can be viewed in Yahoo in 7-10 days time
  • An upward shift is achieved in keyword position in1- 3 months. (not the top position)
  • Some level of traffic increases on the website immediately.

Besides our standard methodology, we ensure all our submissions are ethical, white hat and green. We are one of the first companies who have worked on Green SEO strategy by maximizing the advertising using XML and RSS tool, so that the content is stored at one place and being referred at many places over the net.

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Green SEO
eBizSubmit is foremost in Green SEO. We are concern about our environment and have adopted Green SEO strategy while advertising online. Here is how we practice Green SEO.

Our Pledge
Each of our services is done manually by trained and experienced staff and we follow best practices as prescribed by the respective advertising channel....

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